Stephane Lun
Stephane Lun has been keen in history and culture, especially in the period of the Bakumatsu in Japan and the Three Kingdoms in China. Protagonists of any kind of talents and characters often emerged in the face of civil turmoil. A hero having a victory may not eventually win the fame or reputation, or vice versa. Perhaps he is particularly fond of tragic heroes, so he has a soft spot for the Shinsengumi. With a high emphasis on importance of heritage by the Japanese Government, the preservation of historical relics and artefacts has been in good order and it is a great pleasure to visit the historical sites of the Shinsengumi that have been well preserved for over one hundred fifty years. The two publications, Chinese book of Shinsengumi, the hero of Bakumatsu and English book of A Guide on Shinsengumi: the background and management are comprehensive record of the Shinsengumi, sharing joys and sorrows with all.

Stephane Lun has been active in the cultural industry and community services for over 18 years. He served the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a member of District Youth Programme Committee in Wanchai District of Home Affairs Department and a panel of Film Censorship Advisor in Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration. He is currently serving the membership of Television and Radio Consultative Scheme in Office of the Communications Authority. He was also an invited guest for two programmes on current affairs by Radio Television Hong Kong. He is a graduate of Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management from City University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from National University of Singapore.